Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions


Quotes are an essential component of corporate solutions. At SeyRe Global, we offer competitive quotes across the traditional lines of insurance for facultative risk by providing risk transfer solutions to cedants seeking to mitigate their exposure to large or complex risks. We assess the risk exposure and underwriting information provided, evaluate the risk, determine the pricing and terms for reinsurance coverage, provide a formal quotation and allow negotiation and customization before binding cover. This is aimed at aiding cedants to make informed decisions regarding their risk management strategies.

Policy Reviews

Policy review is indeed a valuable corporate solution undertaken to assess and improve policies. We apply our global experience in reviewing existing policies, benchmarked against global standards by providing a checklist that would assist cedants to align its policies in line with emerging trends. This involves a comprehensive evaluation of existing policies, coverages and risk management strategies. Our goal is to identify any gaps, inefficiencies, or areas of improvement in the insurance program and necessary adjustments to ensure adequate protection and cost-effectiveness.

Policy Structuring

At the product development stage, we provide funding a corporate solutionsnd market data in assisting in the structuring of a new product for cedants according to market expectations and needs. This involves a strategic design and development of policies to meet the specific needs and objectives of cedants. We aim to create customized reinsurance coverage that aligns with the cedant’s risk profile, industry requirements, and risk management strategies. This helps optimize protection, minimize coverage gaps and align insurance costs with risk exposures.

Wording Reviews

For our niche areas, we develop policy wordings to meet clients’ needs. This involves a thorough examination of the wording to identify any ambiguities, inconsistencies, or potential gaps in coverage. We aim to ensure that the language and terms used in policies, contracts, or legal documents accurately reflect the intentions, rights and obligations of the parties involved. This enhances clarity, reduces ambiguity, mitigates potential risks, and improves overall contract management and risk transfer processes.