Our Forte

Our Forte

our forte


As SeyRe – Global continues to make meaningful connections with global markets, we welcome the interest of reputable insurance companies and brokers across Africa requiring reinsurance support.


SeyRe – Global has its foundation in the idea of giving. From time to time, part of the profits is channelled to charity and sponsorships. It is that giving mindset that makes Sey Re Global capable of building and maintaining sustainable relationships with its stakeholders. This is our way of appreciating humanity – the very resource that enables us to grow our business.


SeyRe – Global desires to be known for its Green World Initiatives and as the Reinsurance of choice, with a vast selection of products, designed to meet the very needs of the insurance industry in its chosen market.

Management’s ambition is to certify its operations in line with international standards as prescribed under ISO 9001:2015 in the short term.

Additionally, SeyRe – Global would join the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative by being a signatory to the Principles of Sustainable Insurance Initiative (UN-PSI)

 Currently, Sey Re is a signatory to the Nairobi Declaration and isincorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) related issues into our value chain and ecosystem in particular our underwriting, investment and analytics, and decision-making processes.


SRGL projections for end of 2025

Total assets: $3.2m

Share capital: $2.5m.

Retained earnings: $0.5m.

Total equity: $3m