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International Re-Insurance with value added services!
Welcome to SeyRe Global

Seychelles Reinsurance Global Limited (SeyRe – Global)is elated to welcome you to our website as we proudly announce our operations for Africa and beyond. Established in 2022, SeyRe – Global was primarily licensed in February 2023 in Barbados to provide reinsurance solutions from within and beyond. Today marks our modest beginnings as a business unit to provide reinsurance services to Africa and beyond.

As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about our services.
We Live out our Values. We are defined by a simple set of values defining how we operate daily.

We have a client First philosophy.
We have only one objective; to ensure our clients’ missions are achieved with the highest level of professionalism and assurance.

For SeyRe - Global to remain a profitable business entity, is our vision to distinguish our approach with emphasis on our top-notch service delivery.

This mandate, I am determined not to depart from.
Once again, welcome to our website and our future!

--From The CEO





SeyRe Global Limited (SeyRe – Global) is incorporated in the island of Barbados, a highly respected domicile providing an ideal environment for international business, with a vision to offer unparalleled services to the insurance markets of Africa and beyond.
Being a reinsurance company, we recognize that different industries and countries reflectdifferent risks and trends. We track these risks and trends by building synergy with our associates worldwide. Therefore, by staying well informed of these opportunities, SeyRe – Globaloffers an unparalleled service that keeps it ahead of the curve.
As SeyRe – Global continues to make meaningful connections with global markets, we welcome the interest of reputable insurance companies and brokers across Africa requiring reinsurance support.

Why Choose Us?

Relying on the solid experience and reputation of the executives, SeyRe – Global aims to achieve a consistent growth target over its first 5 years and position itself as a major player in the reinsurance business in Africa and beyond.